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UPL started manning Shell Tanker U.K. ships sometime in 1974,

supplying Filipino ratings to about 3-4 oil tankers. The number of these ships eventually increased to about 15 ships from 1974 to the mid 80’s. In 1988 Shell Japan IMR who operates and handles 7 LNG carrier came in and asked UPL to supply 24 Filipino crew per ship to replace the depleting Hongkong Chinese seamen. And in 1996, Shell started hiring Filipino officers. Since then, UPL has been continuously supplying officers, cadets and ratings to these ships.

At present Shell International Trading and Shipping Co. Ltd. (SITS) employs an estimate of 1,300 highly qualified Filipino ratings, cadets and officers to about 43 different types of Shell tanker ships.

The Shell Transport and Trading Company was formed on October 18,1897. By the time of its hundredth birthday in 1997 and as one of the parents of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies, it was responsible for businesses, which in most of these 100 years had routinely produced 10-12% of the whole world’s annual supply of crude oil.

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